Acid Rain Viper AEGIS Rusher


From Toys Alliance comes the Acid Rain Viper AEGIS Rusher 1:18 Scale Action Figure! This highly detailed figure is compatible with other Acid Rain World 1:18 items and features multiple points of articulation as well as a "weathered" deco. This figure includes a ARL5 Bazooka x1, Grinder shotgun x1, AP4 Pistol x1, Action camera x1, Detector x1.

The Viper AEGIS Rusher is a heavy firepower unit belonging to the NAUS Desert Corps' Viper Team. It is outfitted with the Piranha Lite II, a lightweight AEGIS exoskeleton crafted from carbon fiber and the newly discovered element acrainium. Thin, agile, and sturdy, this power armor offers strong support and stability while effectively weathering acid rain. Thanks to the Piranha Lite II, the Viper AEGIS Rusher can better operate heavy weapons and coordinate with SAs.