Acid Rain EOS Skirmisher


From Toys Alliance comes the Acid Rain EOS Skirmisher 1:18 Scale Action Figure! This highly detailed figure is compatible with other Acid Rain World 1:18 items and features multiple points of articulation as well as a "weathered" deco. This figure includes a Thunderstorm revolver x1, Raisen Shotgun x1, AAR3 Assault Rifle x1, Walkie-Talkie x1, Holster x1.

EOS Skirmishers are outstanding members of Agurts' 303rd Marine Team, whose funding steadily increased due to frequent skirmishes in the Acid Rain Era. They speed across the battlefield in their Ankylo RV5m-2 armored vehicles to perform reconnaissance and combat support operations. Never striking the first blow, EOS Skirmishers sow chaos for enemy formations as decoys before encircling their outnumbered targets for the final kill.