Acid Rain Norinu Machine Gunner


From Toys Alliance comes the Acid Rain Norinu Machine-Gunner 1:18 Scale Action Figure! This highly detailed figure is compatible with other Acid Rain World 1:18 items and features multiple points of articulation as well as a "weathered" deco. This figure includes a Type Guren Machine Gun, Type Chizuru Revolver, Laser Sight, Kunai, Ammunition Box, 4x Drum Magazine.

Norinu Machine-Gunners need to bear equipment that are three times heavier than that of other standard infantry, including copious amounts of ammunition and heavyweight machine guns. They require special training to accurately strike moving targets with their Gurens while withstanding the impact of extra strong recoil. Thus, Norinu Machine-Gunners must pass rigorous strength and kobudo tests to be selected, after which they are trained for six months and given armor with Yamato's prototype Dragonspine system.