Toxic Crusaders Ultimates Toxie

When a prank-gone-wrong exposes wimpy janitor Melvin Junko to toxic pollution, he's transformed into Toxie, a hideously deformed but super-humanly big and strong mutant who uses his newfound powers to protect Tromaville from pollution and evil aliens alike! This 7-inch highly articulated Toxic Crusaders ULTIMATES! figure of Toxie is inspired by the vintage toy based on the early ‘90's animated series and comes with new interchangeable heads & hands, including a cartoon-accurate head, Blobby, and multiple other accessories. The made-to-order Toxic Crusaders ULTIMATES! figure of Toxie is ready to fight for decency and honor, as well as protect your collection from the toxic plots of Dr. Killemoff! Ages 14 and up. Accessories include:
  • 3x Interchangable heads
  • 6x Interchangable hands
  • 1x Blobbie
  • 3x Removable grenades
  • 1x Shield
  • 1x Mop with flag
  • 1x Removable tutu
  • 1x Bandolier